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User Responsibilities and Acceptable Usage Policy

When using resources at MSSM, You agree to maintain this account in accordance with the following policies that align with Mount Sinai’s overarching IT Policies:
  1. You are required to complete training on best practices for file permissions and file copying, for example at Permissions or Video.
  2. All Principal Investigators (PIs) need to follow their Program for the Protection of Human Subjects (PPHS)Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved protocols if human subjects are included in their research. This includes both CITI and PEAK HIPAA training for all internal and external team members.
  3. All PIs need to request accounts for external team members in Sailpoint (Mount Sinai’s IT portal). In accordance with all external accounts throughout Mount Sinai, these accounts need to be renewed through sailpoint every 120 days.
  4. All PIs need to ensure that file permissions are set appropriately so that other users on the system cannot view, copy or write to their files.
  5. All PIs need to review and update team member access to their directories and files.
  6. All PIs need to pay for storage charges by their groups. Monthly storage charges are sent with the balance due every six months. If invoices are not paid within two months, the files and accounts are locked.
  7. You need to protect your account from unauthorized use. Never share your login information. If you believe your account has been compromised, immediately notify us at 212-659-8536.
  8. You need to ensure the security of your programs and data.
  9. You need to backup any files in the ‘work’ or ‘project’ directories. We do not backup any files in ‘work’, ‘project’ or ‘scratch’. All files that you backup will be retained by default for six years on tape. The Minerva file systems are generally reliable; however, data may still be lost or corrupted.
  10. Although Minerva has a web server, no PHI may be shared via this webserver.
  11. We log all commands executed on Minerva.
  12. You need to abide by all licensing agreements, this includes not copying and/or distributing proprietary software without the software owner's permission. Possession or use of illegally copied software is prohibited; all software must be appropriately acquired and used according to its specific license.
  13. Some software offered on the system is controlled by a license agreement. You are responsible for reviewing the license (see Documentation>Licenses) and familiarizing yourself with any restrictions. Pay particular notice to any requirements for referencing the software in publications or other derived works.
  14. ISMMS resources may only be used by authorized users for the purposes prescribed in the project award. Use of these resources for processing proprietary information, source code or executable code must be disclosed in the award process and is prohibited unless authorized by the project award. Use of ISMMS resources for export-controlled information, source code or executable code is prohibited, without an export license.
  15. To ensure protection of data and resources, user activity may be monitored, intercepted, recorded, copied, audited, inspected, and disclosed to authorities. By using this system, the user consents to such at the discretion of authorized site personnel.
  16. Activities in violation of any laws may be reported to the proper authorities for investigation and prosecution. Abusive activity may be reported to your department and Dean for review and action.
  17. Violations of ISMMS policy can result in loss of access to ISMMS resources and disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  18. An acknowledgement of support from Mount Sinai School of Medicine should appear in a publication of any material, whether copyrighted or not, based on or developed with Mount Sinai-supported computing resources. Please use the following: "This work was supported in part by Mount Sinai School of Medicine."

If you have questions, you may contact MSSM Scientific Computing Support during normal working hours, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET at hpchelp@mssm.edu.

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